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Grimy Guests ...!

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Grimy Guests ...!

Lately, I have had some Guests who - despite being pleasant enough as people - seem to be very careless about how dirty and grimy they are, particularly their hands !

I realise that it's inevitable that cyclists will get dirty just from being on the road, and that bicycles have greasy parts that must be handled often.

In my own case, I carry a hand cleaner on my bike that i use to clean my hands *wherever* I happen to need to, but especially when I am about to visit a Host who is giving me a FREE place to put my tent ...

Anyway, sometimes Guests will arrive with very dirty hands ( and clothes, too - another story ) which they will then bring into my house to make dirty marks on my door handles, furniture, kitchen, cups , books etc...

Sometimes, when I try to explain that perpetually dirty hands are *not* an essential part of bicycle travel, they will shrug their shoulders, or scoff at me. They will often say " We have been in Country X , where everything is dirty..."

A typical case this week, was when I asked to SEE the new Guests hands after arriving, and - sure enough - they were greasy from bike work just before arriving. With reluctance & skepticism, he agreed to use MY cleaner to wash his hands..but I had to *repeatedly* ask him - over the several days of his stay - to CLEAN his hands AGAIN, after doing something to his bike etc. It was like dealing with a child...

Then, just as he was leaving, and after changing a tube, and getting quite dirty, I noticed he was using MY cleaner again to clean his hands. (My cleaner is NOT cheap, either) I said " you could carry some of your own cleaner, you know, for next time..". he scoffed at that , telling me it would be "...too heavy..." - this when he was already carrying a much bigger load than I would ever carry ...go Figure !

So, my experience is that most WS members, like most cyclists, will NOT carry a hand cleaner. But you will have to believe me, that I can make a tiny film cannister of cleaner last for WEEKS on the road, for less than a dollar, if that is news to you, let this be a learning experience ,and something to consider !

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We can relate to your experience, our first guest had ridden in the heat and was sweaty and smelly. He would not take a shower right away despite repeated invitations and suggestions preferring to relax after a very strenuous day in the saddle covering nearly 200 kms into a head wind.
He sat on furniture and laid on the bed spread. Unfortunately the smell lingered for weeks after he left.
Since then we make the rules clear upon the arrival of our guests - have your Warm Shower NOW! Get changed, clothes in the wash if you wish, get comfortable then we can welcome you properly into our home.
Re hand cleaner, I don't carry any, if I do get dirty hands and don't have a soap I use another simple technique.
I wet my greasy hands (using the water biddon on my bike if needed) grab some dirt and rub my hands together focusing on the greasy fingers. (Sort of like a soap called Solvol) Then wash again in water. Repeat if necessary till the offending grease is all gone!

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Shower first

I find that most cyclists are only too happy to arrive and take a shower straight away. But if not, I have found that a little good humour and a smile with a comment along the lines of "You really DO want to take a shower now," is all it takes to have the sweatiest of cyclists safely enscounced in the bathroom. If you are not happy to have your cleanser used, then hide it, or provide a cheaper one for them to use. Simple really.

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