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Great experience in Turkey and Italy last summer

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Great experience in Turkey and Italy last summer

Hi !

Last summer, I participate to the adventure The Sun Trip with a special solar powered electric bike.
Just want to thanks in public all my hosts and Turkish friends !
It's the first time I use so extensively WS to travel. I often host people in France.
Requests were in short time because of the unknown distance I could reach each day.

Before Turkey, I sent a request in Prebold, Slovenia. Host was on holidays and I got a friendly reply very late after, but there is a great camping in the village. Was a great experience, many tools in free service, friendly boss :)

Croatia/Bulgaria : nobody on my road... or nobody at all
In Serbia, no so much people, I had great music time with Viktor, friends and father before Bulgarian border.

In Kirklareli, I arrived one day late, I had a whole flat for myself, to rest :)
In Kesan, I was late too, I couldn't met Esen but we had a pleasant phone call, she points me to Kesan DOÇEK bike club, and arranged me a reduction in a small hostel :)
Near Aydin, I was exhausted 30 km before, the host couldn't host me but gave me some informations on the roads.
In Mugla, Adnan and his family offered me great host, meal and interesting talk :)
The next morning, he organized press meeting with journalists and TV... couldn't find video after on the web, but was a great moment.
In Marmaris, I arrived the day for a bike-protest (velorution) and was hosted by Adnan friend, who own the bike store, and didn't had time to read my request. Again a great meal and helping hand to go the "ferry" for Rhodes next morning.

Incredible Turkey! I didn't see a lot of bikes (maybe I was on too big roads?) but there is a lot of club, everybody noticed the "Kesan DOÇEK" sticker on my bike!
Except these experience, I had help from a couchsurfer in Istambul, and from local people to find hostels. Only 2 bad experiences in hostels (expensive and not friendly).
I suggest you to have a good GPS with all hostels POI. For example in Menemen if I ask "otel?" everybody send me to an expensive one in another town. If I say "orkide" 'cause my GPS knows that, ahhh it's just there, it doesn't look like an hostel, the shower is cold and broken (you use a bucket to shower ^^), but the price is perfect for a traveler. And they find me a garage to host the bike.

After Turkey, I've been to Greek islands Rhodes and Crete. No hosts contacted there.
Greek mainland, nobody.

Last but not least, in Città di Castello, Tuscany, Italy... a great american couple Luke & Dawn. They offer me great meal, night and a good osteopath contact, I needed it! They have an impressive collection of bikes and he works in a bike shop.

Again, thank you SO MUCH ! :)
Best wishes for 2014 !