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Peole who asked hospitality without bike

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Peole who asked hospitality without bike


It's the second time that people asked me hospitality but are travelling without bike. The last one leave his bike in poland (i live in Belgium). I don't know what to do. Warm shower is a community for traveller with bike. There are other organisation : couchsurfing,....for non cyclist.

What is the view of Warm shomer and the community?

thank you for your help


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Do what you feel is right

Hello, Daniel,

You are correct. Warmshowers is intended for bicycle tourists.

That said, past threads on this subject has revealed that many hosts don't care about mode of travel while many do.

The great thing about this is that each host is autonomous and may do what they care to do within the Warmshowers guidelines as expressed in the FAQs.

I personally won't host travelers through Warmshowers who are using any means of locomotion other than their own muscles.


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Hi Mark... Just saw this as I

Hi Mark...
Just saw this as I was about to post about a situation...

I totally agree with you, I like the guests to arrive and leave on bikes. Somehow, when they are on bikes, their stay is not as intrusive as someone who is in a car or has a car..the mentality of larger vehicles translates to more *stuff* that the guest then scatters all about..and that *stuff* becomes clutter, even if it is here for a short time.
Probably the thing I like about cycling guests is their sense of minimal *stuff* and the order that they have to maintain. And then they leave...usually with little or no trace of their stay.

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As far as alternate

As far as alternate transportation I would be cautious about people without bicycles, I guess if it comes to it hikers I could probably cope with, one of my guests said something along the line of:

"someone who carries all of his stuff on his bike will be less inclined to take something more to drag up hills during his journeys".

But we do host guests from couchsurfing to, so I guess in the end, differentiating is a bit so/so.
(So far so good for both)

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