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Now for some positive thoughts!

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Now for some positive thoughts!

I thought about my earlier post today, somewhat whiny and complaining about everyday minor stuff...And the thought that I had was...I need to say, and say it more often, is how rewarding Warmshowers is for me.
My world is made bigger, and more tolerant with each and every cyclist. I admire them all for their endeavors, for whatever reason.

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I agree each bicyclist that has stayed here as added a bit to my view of the world, provided a chuckle
a story to share with the next traveler, or just the joy of having someone say thank you for a meal and place to put their head.
I like to think I have added to their experiences too. One young man said in my guest book " you set me
comfortably just outside my comfort zone much appreciated " i think he was referring to the hot tub rules
I am looking forward to the 2014 riding season to see who pedals this way this year

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