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My dog and I have a dream- Cycling aroud the World

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My dog and I have a dream- Cycling aroud the World

I'm a dream-seeker, like nature ,animal,cycling and Photography.
My name is Cari from China, and I am planning a round-the-world cycling trip with my dog Harry. It will be a cross-intercontinental journey that covers Asia, Europe and North America.The whole cycling trip covers about 15500 miles.Starting at 312 national road in Shanghai, on the east coast of China, we will cross the mainland of China. We will then travel the Ancient Silk Road and arrive in the Middle East. Next we will pass the Balkans and enter Europe. Next is the Aegean Sea, through the Mediterranean to the Apennine peninsula, On to Central Europe, around Scandinavia, into the North Atlantic, along the west coast of the Mediterranean Sea to reach the Alps. Now across the Atlantic Ocean we go and arrive on the East Coast of the United States. We then travel across the US to the West coast and finally we return to the starting point in Shanghai. I will travel through 23 countries, including China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, the Vatican, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Switzerland and the United States.

Thanks so much for spending time to read my introduce, And this is our dream, My dog and I need your help to make our dream come true. It is hard for a Chinese citizen to get a European or North America visa. We don’t have much savings but we have brave hearts to climb mountains, and to breathe thin air. We always have faith and nothing can stop our hearts from realizing our dreams.

I will be responsible for the personal safety issues and buy the international travelling insurance during the cycling tour .We would really appreciate it if you or team could offer us an letter to us or sponsor us. I will take the letter inform the embassies about us apply for a visa . If that you all can't. If cycling your area, Please give us a little camping site and a little water. which is a big part of our successful journey.

We would love to meet you to say thank you when we ride by your town and also spread our idea of caring for nature and environmental friendly travel to the world. On the way, we will stop by the animal rescue centers to see the homeless dogs. We will write down our common ideas, as well as your help and support in the journal. It to ride a bike in the form of more people concerned about the low carbon travel, and actively promote the choice of a healthy low-carbon way to travel.Not only to share our travel stories with you but also spread the meaning of the journey. Thank you very much for your time and your help. The most valuable gift in life is not the scene but having you there to enjoy the view.
Just for your further information, I will send Email attache PDF file is the event proposal of my travel and our story and Detailed route. Hope you attention support and help ,No matter wherever you are in the world.I will We are share our cycling life .
Anticipating your news and suggest.
Our Blog is:
Our Email : harry8cari at gmail dot com

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We cycled with a dog!


My girlfriend and I cycled from Korea - Indonesia with a dog in a basket. Please contact us if you need some advise for your journey.
we would love to help you

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Hi Mark Thanks so much for

Hi Mark
Thanks so much for your news, I want know ,What route on your cycling? I want know How you dog entry Country ,It need what certificate? Many thanks
Waiting for your news

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Everything and then more

Lots of info about bringing pets into different countries.

Is your route through China just the shortest or? I'm going the other way and wouldn't mind a good route to follow for a bit.

Best regards

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"The boy smiled. It was the

"The boy smiled. It was the frist time she had done that. "I'm coming ,Fatima,"he said." I have the third time read here . Everything is ready before close this book. I drew a breath of satisfied vanity and make a decision that continue to write about our story.... I gazed at the room close the door before . The memory of five years like college years again . unlike Now mature enough than the a new graduates. because the dream filled my heart.
because of Kazakhstan's LOI late for me ,Delay for a month to start, I should hurry.
I have to see the children in health recovery centre before cycling. No said goodbye ,Promise to come back see them again . You can find their dream ,your dream ,my dream, Many people 's dream at there. predeparture allways is a dream, if start do for your best, The dream a little bit come true.
Many person have said ,we're poor. But we feel wealthy. Many person have said , we're chew. But we feel on the ground move toward our dreams. We are cycling northward in the summer, Southward in the winter, Like bird migration . Even fall toward sunshine. We can said hello to everybody on the road and every inch of the way my heart. I know, Rome was not built in a day. Dreams are unreachable, But I don't give up. but actually the dreams don't care how much money inyour pocket, dreams care whether you have enough courage go up to them. Goodbye my family, my friend,my girl,my dog QiuQiu and KangKang. The heart guides the way,When on the road. Now brave Harry we are go.
A gust of wind from the remote places is touching my cheeks, as if an intimate greetingto me from the sky."If you have a dreams ,you should do best for it."




----From 《The Secret Life of Walter Mitty》

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