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About trustworthy users

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About trustworthy users

An idea crossed my mind about how to avoid untrustworthy users more rapidly, how to save time with people who are very likely to not reply or who have bad feedbacks or responsiveness...
Why not creating a "score", public or not for each user, based on reponsiveness, last login, feedbacks or whatever is countable that would represent how trustworthy he is.
We could associate a colour with it, and the flag on the map would be filled with this colour, or people could use this score to sort members on the list page.
We would see for instance a member who signed up 2 years ago and has never hosted anyone and doesn't reply to messages in black on the map, and we would know at once that there is no point contacting this member.
Or we could display this score or something representing it on the profile page.

Actually it's kind of the same than forums user's ranks but based on multiple values and probably hidden to the user, so he couldn't try to rise his rank just for the sake of rising it.
And, as I see it, something colour related, quite discrete, without numbers like "your trustworthy score is 34,87/100" which doesn't make any sense.

What do you think ?

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Sounds like a good idea!

Sounds like a good idea!

Other websites (CouchSurfing, AirBnB, Ebay, etc) have such a system, so it's perfectly possible. I guess since WarmShowers is probably volunteer run, it depends on whether coders are prepared to donate their time to build such a system.

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This has been discussed

This has been discussed several times, most notably here:

Also check here on github:

Here is an illustration of what is happening in my city with list ordering by distance from city centre - these are the response rates of the first ten hosts that appear on a list search for Buenos Aires Capital Federal:

Which gives an overall response rate of 15/86 - we do have more than a dozen members with response rates better than 50% but they can only be found by labouriously clicking through a list of 70+ hosts. I think this is leaving too much work to the guests who often have little time available online whilst on the road and who no doubt often assume that the results appearing at the top of their searches are the most useful ones.

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