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What do you think

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What do you think

What do you think about hosting another WarmShowers member who doesn't seem to have any intention of reciprocal hosting, available date is years in the future?

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Thanks for your feedback,

Thanks for your feedback, that is what I was looking for.

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Guests who are a long way off hosting

We got to host 3 young (teenagers!) German students on gap year for the trip of a lifetime around the east coast of Australia. We were delighted to have them stay and share our Aussie hospitality knowing that it may be many years before they get to give back. We admired the simplicity of their travels - no lycra, no bidons, old bikes and lots of fun and enthusiasm.

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Thanks for your feedback. I

Thanks for your feedback. I wasn't looking hosting the way many others of you were. I'm glad I got the feedback that I have, it certainly has changed my perspective on hosting.

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hosting a ways off

Me and my wife look at hosting as a way to make friends from all over the world. As a youth I would never had been able to tell you when I could host. Hope this helps.


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one day they will come...

The flip side is when you offer to host but no one ever visits your neck of the woods! :(

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Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your story. My original thoughts were that if you used while cycling, you should give back immediately. That is not always the case with everyone as I have come to learn. Everyone that responded has brought different ideas to light about hosting and use of that I would never have thought of. Thank you.

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make sens ...

.. basically, I expect reciprocity not to me but at least to others ..

but of course people touring arond the world ...

Actually, I plan to retire in a few years and tour the world too ...
So I would be glad NOW to host some cyclist.

However, since I am married, and my wife hate touring and sport, she will stay in China.

So I will ask my wife to host cyclist.
I have seen that many cyclist do this with WS, either their parents or relatives ...

One of my motto: Give first before thinking of receiving

GOD Bless you All

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