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Los Angeles to Yorktown starting May 10th

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Los Angeles to Yorktown starting May 10th

Ok after a long year of planing this looks like it is a go for me. I plan on leaving LAX area May 10th headed to Beaumont Calif. from there I think hwy 62 to Twenty-nine palms then Parker and it looks like it is best to cut up past Havasu then hit Hwy 40 headed for Flagstaff. I will tie into Route 66 to Ok, City and then go up and catch the T.A Bike trail for Yorktown, Vig.

Yes I know plans change and any words of advice I am happy to hear.



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LA trip


Have you looked at the route out of LA? If not, I would suggest Taking Del Amo/La Palma Rd east to Santa Ana River Trail, and then take Magnolia through Corona and Riverside. Easiest and most direct way inland way out of LA. If you need any route info, or place to stay, drop me a line!


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Ken thanks yes that's pretty

Ken thanks yes that's pretty much the route I am taking.
91 straight out to Beaumont.
Jon lives by me and and actually has ridden this route a few times so he paved the way.

Any thoughts on getting to Parker that you might add?



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Back when I rode to Phx, I

Back when I rode to Phx, I had to ride through Moreno Vally on surface streets and then cut over to the 60 via Jackrabbit Trail.

I have never redden to Parker. I have taken the 40 from Barstow most of the way to the Grand Canyon, hopping off of it briefly in Needles to ride to Laughlin and then Kingman. The 40 from Kingman to Flagstaff is a great highway.

Where are you stopping your first night?


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los angeles to Yorktown

If i can go I think will go around the Jack Rabbit trial by taking San Timoteo Cyn down into Beaumont. Jon Choykowski has done the ride to P.S. a few times. he said it is about 3 miles longer this way but that Jack Rabbit is really beat up road now.

I say "IF" because on April 4th I was Diagnosed with A-Fib and the Doc is not very happy by the result's that we have gotten so far. I will know more by this next Thursday.

AS far as where I am staying not sure yet.

Kinda bummed that after a year of planning I may be shut down before I start...

I was thinking about getting a camel back to get me past Arizona, then I could ship it home. What did you use for H2O on your ride ?

May 10th
Doctor said ok but of course a mix up at work so now I have to hear back from my principal sigh maybe Monday. Bike is packed and ready to roll..

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I have 3 bottle cages on my frame, and can always stick a Gatorade or 2 in my bags. For desert crossings, I am usually up and on the road before sunrise, getting most of my miles in by 11am or noon. If I could stop and hose myself off anywhere, I would do that as well.

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Los Angeles to Yorktown starting May 10th

Thank you for the advice. I should be able to carry 5-6 bottles so that makes me feel good.
Happy Mothers Day to all the Mom's