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Cycling New Zealand in Feb-April 2015- anyone keen?

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Cycling New Zealand in Feb-April 2015- anyone keen?

Hey, I am looking to cycle the lenght of New Zealand at the start of 2015- anyone want to join??

I am 26, live in London and looking for an adventure for 2 months as I fancy a break from my career. I love the outdoors and want to see New Zealand. I love my bike and have done a little bit of touring in Europe which I loved.

If your interetsed in joining then would be great to hear from you


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Salut! Nice project! I'm

Salut! Nice project! I'm hoping for something similar but 6 months later or so. Any luck so far? You'll share stories and give tips?

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NZ midyear

Heloise, It sounds as if you are considereing cycling in NZ fro aout June. THat is midwinter, and not the best time for cycle touring - in the SOuth Island passes and in the central North Island, you can definitely expect snow , with many areas having at least a frequent frost. Generallly, I would recommend Sept - May for the North Island, Oct- APril for the South Island. The weather is very changeable so regardless of what time of year, warm layers and good waterproofs are definitely needed. Having said that, it's now May and today my current WS guest is going to be cycling from ChCh towards Kaikoura in gloriously unseasonable sunshine. :-)

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Thanks for the info! I wasn't

Thanks for the info! I wasn't precise, I'm aiming at fall here, so around October. It's in a year and a half, I have time to plan!

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NZ cycle.

NZ would have to be one of the most beautiful country in the world. We hope to cycle it some time after 2015, so will keep an eye out for any news you post on your trip.

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Cycling NZ Feb-April 2015

Hi Sarah
I am interested in your project about cycling in NZ on feb-April 2015.
This summer I want to do a little bit of touring in Europe.
Best Regards.
juan manuel

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New Zealand

Hi Sarah
Some comments about your plan.
If you are travelling the length of the country and want sealed roads, you will spend a lotof time on State Highways with all the traffic. They aren't always busy, but can be, esp near cities.
To avoid highways you often need to use back roads which often have gravel surfaces and hills and usually not much traffic. But it takes a lot of time and it may be a long distance between shops/accommodation. So you need to be ready to camp.
Two different approaches to choose between, or combine.
Best wishes for your trip.
Ed Hitchcock.

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14 Feb-14 Mar 2015

My partner Jacki and I have airfares booked for a tour in New Zealand for four weeks next year. We are planning on riding around 60km or so each day and taking a break every four days or so. I don't know how that fits with your plans but it may be fun to ride together.

We're planning on camping mostly but may use occasional B&Bs or Warmshowers hosts.

Anyway get back in touch with me if you want some company.


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Feb 2015

Hi Sarah,
I'm going to ride in the South Island for the whole month of February. And i'm as well in London. What is your plan?
Looking forward to reading from you

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Hey Sarah, I don't know how

Hey Sarah, I don't know how your plans are going but I'm actually touring in the south island, I'll probably be on my way up when you'll arrive but we can maybe meet and shar a bit of the side of the road and share our experiences.

Let me know.