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Cycling through Europe!! Can you help?

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Cycling through Europe!! Can you help?


I know this is very short notice but we are looking for somewhere to stay whilst we travel through Europe over the next month.

We have our own tent and will keep everything clean and tidy. I will place a list of the places we still need places to stay below.

If you are able to help us, that will be amazing!

Thank you so much,

Scott and friends


Tuesday 27th:
Calais, France

Wednesday 28th:
Lille, France

Thursday 29th:
Maubege, France

Friday 30th:
Charleville Meziers, France

Saturday 31st:
Florenville, Belgium

Sunday 1st:
Luxembourg City

Monday 2nd:
Nancy, France

Wednesday 4th:
Basel, Switzerland

Thursday 5th:
Lucerne, Switzerland

Sunday 8th:
Bellinzona, Italy

Thursday 12th:
Piacenza, Italy

Friday 13th:
Lunigiana, Italy

Saturday 14th:
Lerici, Italy

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cycling through Europe. Can you help

I hope you found places to stay. I presume you are travelling very lightly - there are some longish distances between some of your points. ( I took 5 days between Luxembourg and Basel) which still gave me time for a little siteseeing (eg: central Nancy, Epinal, to see the source of the Moselle, on top of the Ballon.

Which route are you planning on using between Luzerne and Bellinzona? National or regional? I thoroughly recommend cycling up the Gottard route - the ride down the Italian side is magnificent.

Let me know if you need any other Swiss suggestions - I have spent a lot of cycling time there


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If you want to stay in

If you want to stay in Switzerland, there is a small camp ground just outside of Basel in Reinach. We used to live near here, it's a convenient location for Basel.

EDIT: Ah I see from your dates, you would have left already.

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weird, why dont you contact directly WS members ?

this site is so friendly user

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