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Infromation request on tyres

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Infromation request on tyres

Hi, Id like to get your imput on this:

My girlsfriend and I will be travelling 6 mounths threw Central Asia and North Western China and then to South East Asia, starting this july.

Considering that we will be riding on Marathon mondial hs 428 folding bead (thay can bare more weight) 26x 2.00.

Id like to know if you guys suggest that we should bring a spare tyre each? Or at least one for both of us just in case? Or then again no spare tyres just plenty of spare inner tubes?

Whats your experience with these tyres failing you on tour?

Many thanks !

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bring a spare

Bring a spare because you never know . . . until it happens and six months is long enough for something to happen besides it weighs little in the bottom of your bag.

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Thanks for the feedback Greg

Thanks for the feedback Greg !

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Marathon Mondials

I'm on my second pair of Mondials and here are the stats:

+34,000 kms
4 continents
33 countries

1 puncture.

Never carried anything other than two spare tubes, which only one has been needed.

I'm not advocating not carrying a spare tyre, but you have chosen the best tyres on the planet for touring.

Kind regards,


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Thanks for your imput, really

Thanks for your imput, really apreciated ! I think we will go with a little of both worlds and carry only one spare tyre and a few spare tubes.

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My experience

with the mondial i go for just 8000 km in europe, so not may off road (say 1000km) i just punture that you can blame the tyre. I'll will put some anti puncture liquid. Is a light and efficient solution. Just for a litlle extra saffety. Yes get spare inner tubes (200g each :-)

pd: What else can you blame when you puncture? in my case the rim, it get a crak in the inside that damage the tube, so yes get extra tubes. it is very very odd, but it happens

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Super, extra thanks for the

Super, extra thanks for the folded dollar tip !

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Tyre tips,

It's worth carrying the extra tyre/tube for extended tours in my opinion, as weird things happen in faraway places. Animals gnawing at sidewalls, nails causing blowouts...pirates with machetes (ok, I'm exagerating)

Given it's a folding tyre anyway, definitely one between two would be a good move.

Extra tubes (at least two each) just give you peace of mind.

Best tip I heard from a fellow cyclist who had ridden 'crown of thorns' country:

1. Keep your tire pressures above 70psi

2. Don't let your tread wear thin

Something I've practiced in recent tours: get on old tube, cut out the valve; run a continous slice around the inside of the tube- use this as a "tyre liner" to insert your working inner tube into.

On top of good rubber and high pressure, this is an extra buffer against niggly bits of shrapnel (glass in particular) that abounds on routes where roadside litter is spoiling the view.

On tour, it also pays to survey your tire at pit stops (at least daily) with a 'wire toothpick' on hand to lever out any shrapnel that embeds in the tread. You'd be suprised at what a magnet your tire becomes between campsite and road.


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ture longevity

Another thing to keep in mind is that the rear tire wears faster than the front, because it supports more weight.

At some point you may want to swap the tires.

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Thanks for the valuable

Thanks for the valuable advice !

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In China, normally you will find easily tyres, but unsure about Marathon ...

However, I heard that in Thailande ... never been with bike ... but they do not know the words: maintenance and repair !

Malaysia and Spore pretty safe to find stuff...

The best, ask WS in the respective countries, surely they will tell you