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What do I need to travel?

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What do I need to travel?

Tengo una grandísima la primera vez que viajo en bici haciendo mi ruta! Me gustaría saber QUÉ necesita mi bici exactamente antes de lanzarme a la carretera...Y qué tipo de mochila utilizáis. Gracias!"

I have a big's the first time that I travel by bicycle doing my route! I would like to know WHAT my bike needs exactly before travelling...And what kind of bag do you use. Thanks!!

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I recommend Ortlieb bags-

I recommend Ortlieb bags- very reliable, easy click on/ off system and 100 % waterproof.

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reply to needs

I'm currently on my first cross country trip in France. My mentor assisted me in all that I needed. Contact Frosty @ He'll send you a list. He's also on Warmshowers.

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The better your bike is serviced before travelling the better chance of a trouble free ride.
What you need on the road is as different as every other aspect in life. I prefer wild tenting and independent travel with minimum stuff and get along with some 12-15 kg equipment. Other seems to need almost twice of this. And still regularly visit a hostel or a kind Warmshower host with great relief. We are all different..
What made me better advised was socialising with experienced travellers. Find the traveltype you correspond with and be inspired.
How important a pair of very good cycling trousers is, was a surprise to me. Perhaps not so important for you as female..

Bags from Ortlieb are very good, if not the best. I've used mine for years with only acceptable minor defects. I guess Vaude has made a cheaper "copy". If equal or better i don't know..
Most high quality stuff is expensive and will work for a long time. If you have more time than money a lot of stuff can be rebuild or made by yourself.
I made a travel were i sat down every now and then and "rebuild" a 50+ year old bag of my grandpa and uncle. Which i found quite satisfying. Also learned a lot Spanish, asking for needle and linen thread on local "farmer markets"..

Bon Voyage

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You need to think about

You need to think about whether you will camp, or sleep in hostels.
Another thing to consider is your budget. Lots of things such as the bike, the tent and other camping equipment, can be purchased second hand, especially if you have time to look for good deals.
Then you consider if you will travel through developped countries with easy to find bike repair shops and camping stores or if you will need much more autonomy in term of equipment.
The few problems I have had were related to wheels: repetitive punctures in one trip due to problem with the wheel rim, and 2 cases of broken wheels in a few years of travelling by bike in relatively easy terrain: roads and bike paths.
These are few points that need condideration.
Mucha suerte para ti.

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