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Bike gear: touring shoe suggestions

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Bike gear: touring shoe suggestions

I am about to set out on a long trip through Europe in the fall with my partner, Matt. It's our first big experience, and we are trying to do it on a budget.

Two main questions for you travelers:

1. We don't want clipless pedals (we don't want to have to snap in and out). Can you suggest shoes that will be durable and multi-use? Biking, walking around cities, hiking?

2. Any ideas about good, durable, inexpensive raingear?

Thanks so much,

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Hi Karoline 1. if you aren't

Hi Karoline
1. if you aren't going clipless any shoe will do, probably a light hiking boot/shoe from one of the top brands. Hit up your local hiking store. sophie actually uses a Shimano shoe but we didnt insert the clipless mechanism to the sole and they were comfortable for the 6 weeks we just spent in Europe.
2. Pearl Izumi do inexpesive rain gear otherwise Endura from Scotland (they know a bit about terrible weather so their rain gear is good) sold though or

Hope this helps

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Thanks, Sophie and William!

Thanks, Sophie and William! That's a good place to start.

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Outdoor shop

Hi guys,

I wore a lightweight hiking boot. Perfect for touring and it meant I didn't have to carry an array of shoes. Salomon were the brand and I got them from an outdoors store in the UK (Cotswolds) where I also picked up cheap waterproofs in the sale. Outdoor stores are a great place to start.


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Thanks, Ash! I took the light

Thanks, Ash! I took the light hiking shoe suggestion and got some 'Oboz' brand shoes. I'll let people know what I think after spending three months in them!

Our tour will be through Scotland, and then through Germany in October- rain guaranteed! But I'm on the fence about waterproof footwear. It would be another thing to buy and carry, which is a huge downside, but warm dry feet are so important... hmm.

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cheep shoes

My girl friend tours with cheep gumboots 40Euro .dry feet and they are warm and look good going out .me I wear out door hiking shoes and sandals