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Map display on home page

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Map display on home page


On the home page, the map always shows the NW USA and SW Canada. Is there a way to change the initial map display to a desired region?


Hello, can anyone respond to this question?

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Centers on your detected country

Hi - The front page map centers in on the country detected by your IP address. It's not very fancy :-) And there's no way to change that presently. You *can* easily and quickly move to another country by choosing the country on the left side and clicking the "map" button.

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OK, Thanks.Seems that from

OK, Thanks.
Seems that from my IP address, sometimes, I am appearing as a PNW or Canadian resident instead of an East Coaster. Maybe that is when I am not logged in.
At present, I see the center of the USA, which is correct according to to the specs.

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Currently works by country

Currently it just uses the country, and the US is HUGE. What I just realized is that we are using a new database for IP geolocation, and it gives more detail, so I could probably improve that pretty easily! I'll probably give it a shot. Thanks for mentioning that old irritation.

(Back in the day, it used to remember where you had last used the map, but that added a bunch of complexity that got ripped out at some point.)


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Please try it out

I changed it to actually locate by IP address and be much more zoomed in. See how it works for you.

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Initial Map Display

Hi Randy

It looks great and shows the surrounding area from my login location.
I believe it will help a touring cyclist find the next WS host when actually on a tour by showing the map of the vicinity.
I hope it does not disrupt other folks' usage in some other way.