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Email notifications for request

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Email notifications for request

Hello everybody!
New on the website, I didn't plan to use it a lot as I wasn't a cyclist so much but it turned out that we are trying :)
So I discovered today that someone sent me a request a month ago but never received any email notifications...
What a shame! I looked on the website but it seems I'm blind because I didn't find any feature about notifications.
Is it a bug, like it should be automatic? Do I have to feature something? Or maybe, there is no email notification and in that case may I suggest to create that?

Thank you for your help and anyway, amazing website :)

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Hi ! I have the same probelm

Hi !
I have the same probelm than you Klo and Hamlet, but I checked : it's not in my Spams ! I add the ws email in my contact list... Could it be possible to send me a test mail also ?

Thanks !

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