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Profile photo rotated

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Profile photo rotated

No matter what I do, my profile photo shows up rotated. When I upload it, it displays 90 degrees counter clockwise. I've tried it from the app, from the website, and I even tried rotating the photo 90 degrees clockwise before uploading, it still shows up in the same orientation. Help!

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Rotated images

Hello, Chris,

Rotated images are created in the camera and encoded rotated. To rotate to the orientation you desire requires a photo manipulation program like GIMP (free on the Web) or Photoshop (FAR from free).

If you like, I can download the image, rotate it, and upload it.

That said, it would be better for you to learn how to do it. You will gain a little knowledge and experience by doing so.


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I have had the same problem

I have had the same problem when posting pics in feedback; they post rotated. Sometimes, after several attempts, they post correctly. I have manually rotated my pic and reposted, and that has not helped. Not sure why or where, but there is a glitch somewhere in the software.

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Browser cache?

It's possible that the browser cache is referencing the first image uploaded and so always shows the incorrect orientation unless the cache is cleared AFTER the "correct" orientation is uploaded.

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You definitely got this fixed

You definitely got this fixed and your profile image is OK at this time.

Quite a number of programs (MacOS Preview is one) will happily show you the image rotated the way they think it should be rather than the way it *is*. In preview, when I see this, I rotate it all the way around the circle and then save it :-)

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It's good to hear that it

It's good to hear that it appears normal to other people, but it still shows up as rotated in my profile.

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Your browser is caching it

Your browser is caching the graphic. If you use SHIFT-F5 or hold down SHIFT while pressing the refresh icon on most browsers it will force a reload. Otherwise, to make you feel better, just visit it with a different browser or different computer. See the FAQ on this problem.