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A lot of sand on the road in New Zealand?

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A lot of sand on the road in New Zealand?

Hello everyone! My wife and I will be in the December 3, 2014, from Hong Kong by plane - to the Oakland International Airport! When will start our 72 days birdy little folding bike trip! birdy disadvantage is not too rugged to embark on the road, hoping to get more now about 72 days tour of New Zealand and route advice! Thank you!

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Oakland California or Auckland New Zealand?

Do not get the two places confused or you will end up in the wrong country.

Sand is not a problem in New Zealand. Some minor roads are unsealed and some of these may be unsuitable for bicycles with narrow tires.

Auckland is a large city with lots of traffic and not a good place to start a cycle tour.

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My English is a lot of mistakes! Thank you Auckland New Zealand.

Kevin Pearce Hello! Thank you for the real reminder, my English is very bad, I'm sorry I want my words to you and make some misunderstanding, I am very sorry! In fact, the meaning of sand road, the people of Hong Kong traffic accident occurred in New Zealand, I saw a lot of sand on the road in the television news coverage of the film, the issue will be issued! Thank you for your reply.

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