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Storage for our bikes around NYC

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Storage for our bikes around NYC

We are doing a supported Erie Canal bike tour in July 2015 and plan on visiting NYC before traveling back to OK. Is there anyone on the warm showers list close to NYC that would host our uhaul trailer full of bike stuff so we could tour NYC for three days????

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July 2015

We're about 40 miles north of NYC (Katonah, NY) and might be able to accommodate your trailer for a time. We're about 3 miles from a train station into the city, if you might prefer that to driving in.

BTW, I did the Erie Canal tour this past July and enjoyed it immensely.

Best Regards,
Alan Cole (& Louise Trevillyan)

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We would arrive on July 20th.

We would arrive on July 20th. We have decided to leave the truck and trailer both. The rig would be about 30 feet long. Can you accomodate that size rig? We would pick it back up on July 24th. Is the best way to get to the train station a cab or is there an alternative? Let me know what you think. You may contact me here, by email or by phone. Thanks, Sean.

Sean Swift

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Hi, Sean,

Yes, I think a 30-foot rig would work. Between our garage and an outbuilding we have about an 80-foot paved area, plenty to park your rig. Only awkward part might be turning it around to head out our long (~700 foot) driveway, but I'm sure a little maneuvering would accomplish it.

To get to the train station, taxis are an option, but both slow and expensive, since there aren't any real local ones--they'd have to be called from a village a few miles away, and would bill for the whole distance.

Alternatives would include just driving your truck to the train station (metered parking), riding your bikes there (!), or I'd be glad to give you a lift if I'm free then. I can provide more details if necessary as the date gets closer.

Alan (& Louise)
914 357-1362

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Parking near NYC

If your other alternatives don't work out for some reason....

We are in Cranford NJ. It would be no problem to park on the street in front of our house. Cranford has direct NJ Transit bus (to Port Authority) and train service (Penn Station) to NYC (~50 minutes, $11 each way). 3/4 mile to either.

BTW I grew up in Oklahoma.

K. Lucas

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