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Hosting "BRAND NEW " WS members

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Hosting "BRAND NEW " WS members

Hello members,
How would you feel about hosting someone who had been a WS member for only 13 minutes and was. requesting. accomodation with. only 14 hours notice ? They are not available to host long term and have a very brief. profile. and NO FEEDBACK . What. would. you do ?

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Sounds like half the requests

Sounds like half the requests I get. Everyone has to start somewhere but when a new member makes no effort in their message or profile to transmit something about themselves that tends to dampen my enthusiasm (not because of any potential security issues but mainly because I take the liberty to assume that new members who appear and make no effort in their request despite their obvious lack of history and references tend to be chiefly interested in taking advantage of the generosity of hosts, and for me these members make less than ideal guests). Many discover this site in the middle of trips in a rush without thinking about it too much and these assumptions may seem a little unfair but I've had enough less than stellar experiences to have much interest in playing hospitality Russian roulette.

It's up to you but I would probably say no and explain for future reference that spending 20-30 minutes writing a few paragraphs about themselves isn't much to ask in exchange for someone to invite them as strangers into their house and also include this information in your profile for future guests.

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Comfort Zone

It all comes down to what you feel is comfortable.

A cyclist recently contacted me through Facebook WS. When I asked him to contact me through the WS site, he had not yet signed up, but did so. He stayed here 3 nights at the very beginning of his trip (flew in from Europe the night he arrived). He was a wonderful guest.

I felt comfortable with this guy through our communications. Others have contacted me who I have not felt so comfortable, and based decision not to host on that.


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Hosting brand new member

This is the process I go through before accepting a guest: check to see if they have a blog or a posting of their travel. Everyone who tours for long periods of time does. If they are a brand new member, are they located within a 600 miles radius of your home? If so I usually figure they are looking for free hotel accommodation in my city which is otherwise expensive, so I say no, unless the first criteria applies. Beyond that I trust my instinct, and it sounds to me like you are not comfortable. Whenever you feel uncomfortable, for any reason or no reason, say no. It's your home.

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Hosting "BRAND NEW " WS members

To answer your question directly -- I would be inclined to not host them. All of my experience with WS members is they do more pre-planning than 13 minutes(!)

That said, I might talk with them before making a final decision. But given the situation you've described, my initial response is, "No."

My $0.02 worth,

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Update "Hosting Brand New WS members "

Well , we took a chance and hosted the cyclist that had been a member for 13 minutes . We are glad we did !!! Turns out his roommate. was a WS member. and they had hosted a couple times.
He arrived cold,wet and hungry after his first day of 92 miles.We pointed him to a hot showsr then shared our. grilled. supper with him. He shared some stories. of his time as a racing cyclists. So glad we took the chance as he has been an appreciative. and gracious guest. NO REGRETS. HERE !!! Thanks for your input and support.

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Congrats, glad it worked out.

Congrats, glad it worked out. I hope your guest at least goes away with a new understanding of WS and some of the little things he can do even as a guest (ie: fill out his profile, write references, send thoughtful, personal requests) to improve his chances of being hosted, cause hosts less angst and better the community.

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Update "Hosting Brand New WS members "

The newbie was a quick learner and has already done everything you mentioned after having heard the same suggestions. from us over supper. We were his first. WS hosts and were happy. to share. our thoughts on the WS community .

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brand new member hosting

I look at it this way. NO ONE started on this site with a full list of references everyone had a start sometime.
I have hosted over 50 people so far. And honestly have not kept track of who has how many references.
More often than not I agree to host them via phone THEN look up their profile. So far no regrets. Part of that is my location, someone is a dedicated bicyclist if they are pedaling out this way. I have hosted folks who have found out once their trip began from others on the road.
I do think that most guests and host could flesh out their profiles a bit more. As a host I spell out what my prospective guests will experience and what I offer.
Even if you are new to the group, I am sure that in a few minutes ( I know how fast folks text) you could tell others on Warmshowers a bit about yourself so please spend a few minutes and fill in your profile


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Hosted a few people who

Hosted a few people who profile is only a few weeks old and have not feedback.

Everyone has to start, there is no harm is asking.

Host always welcome to say no.

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Hosting a newbie?

I am living on Danube trail, one of the European cycling highways. A lot of people start their touring career here.
In high season I have several requests a week. A newbie with an informative profile has better chances to be my guest than a cyclist with feedback but no informations on profile ((-; Even if she/he is WS-member since minutes.

Greetings from Danube valley

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