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Mission Stag Party: 12 days to get to Budapest

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Mission Stag Party: 12 days to get to Budapest


My brother is having his stag party in Budapest on the 27th of May, 2015.

Instead of taking a direct flight to budapest, I figured I'd take some time off from work and try to cycle there. The only trouble is, I don't know where to start my journey from. I have 12 days, and could reasonably do around 1,000 kms. I live in Mumbai, India, and I've found that there are cheap (direct) flights to Milan, Italy and Frankfurt, Germany. Since I haven't cycled anywhere in Europe till now, I'm impartial to either.

Route 1: Bologna to Budapest (with train between Milan to Bologna)

Route 2: Munich to Budapest (with a train between Frankfurt to Munich, or maybe directly start from Munich)

Route 3: Bologna to Ljubljana, and then train to Vienna, and on-wards to Budapest.

This is a very impromptu, spontaneous trip which I'll be doing alone. I haven't camped before on my own, so I'll maybe want to do cheap B&Bs, or try to reach out to WS Hosts. Please provide your ideas on a possible route, and the way to go about this.


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Mission Stag Party: 12 days to get to Budapest

There is a bike route along the Rhine to Budapest. Very pleasant ride. I'm not sure where to start to take 12 days to get there. I took 5 days to get from Vienna to Budapest. (Me & 1st time bike-tourist.) Wild-camping is very limited. We found the smaller the town the cheaper & friendlier the accommodations.

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Mission Stag Party: 12 days to get to Budapest

Thank you !

I'm set on biking the vienna-budapest route, however I'll have only 4 days at hand. The rest 8 days I'll use to cover Italy.