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TransAm Bike Race 2015

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TransAm Bike Race 2015

Sorry about it's not the best place to write about that.

In June some bikers will travel to Astoria to start the trail/trip/race.

In my case I'll arrive in Portland by plane on June 2nd, and I'd like to find a host to prepare the bike and the trip: US cell phone number, cash, bikepacking, clothes, and to recover from jetlag. I would travel on the 5th to Astoria (the race starts at 5am on June 6th).

And I'll finish before July 6th, as that’s when I’ve booked my flight home. I could change the date if needed, but if some hoster in Washington could host me the days before I'd be very grateful.

Also, if some hoster on the TransAm trail is following the race and offers to host or a place to stay that would be great.

I'm Carlos Mazon, from Spain. I have a website where I talk about my biketrips: You also can follow me on Facebook.

If anyone wants to help me with housing please send me a message.