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Solo male (29) from Northern Alaska to San Fransisco

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Solo male (29) from Northern Alaska to San Fransisco

Hello there wanderers!

I am Dennis (29) from Belgium and I have been on the road for one year now. In May 2014 I started cycling East and ended up in Nepal. Then I moved to New York state where I am currently working as a timber frame apprentice. I am preparing for my final adventure before going home. In July I will start in the far North of Alaska and will try to cycle down to San Fransisco. I would love to experience the Alaskan wilderness, hitch a ride on the Marine Highway and cycle the Great Divide to Southern Colorado. Then I would head West, cross the Utah Canyonlands, deserts and the Sierra before arriving in SF. That is the idea but I might just stick around in Alaska for 3 months, who knows. No obligations, anything is possible.

This trip has been a life changer and I have experienced so much beauty. I have shared the road with other cyclists and have cycled on my own but I prefer to share the ride.

I love music and books, nature and wood working. I am interested to learn more about meditation, fishing, canoeing, organic farming, wilderness skills and would love to incorparate this in the trip. Way too ambitious but you get the picture. Basically I am looking for inspiring people who want to share this unforgettable trip!

Hopefully our paths will cross,


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Hey! I did a trip from SF

Hey! I did a trip from SF down to San Diego last year with someone from warmshowers and have wanted to go back and explore further north ever since. We took our surfboards last time! I'm free in August and was wondering if you wanted company?

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Hi Caroline, Yes! I love to

Hi Caroline,

Yes! I love to share the ride. Have to figure out where I would be in August.... Probably BC and Alberta. Might be still in Alaska.

What were you thinking about?


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Hey Dennis, I will cycle the

Hey Dennis,

I will cycle the great divide from banff to south colorado and then ride western express to go to the west coast.
I will travel for 1 year (starting from calgary) and going to the south (probably south of chile).
I did a bicycle tour last year for 1 month in alaska...

When do you expect to be in banff for starting Great divide?


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Hi Johann, Wauwatosa, that's

Hi Johann,

Wauwatosa, that's exactly the same route... . I was aiming to be in Banff by the middle of August. Plans might change (maybe leave a little earlier) but have to talk to my boss here....

What's your schedule?

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Hey dennis, i will be in

Hey dennis,

i will be in calgary 29th of june, and probably in banff 3-4 days after.
Maybe we will meet on the road after...
let me know if you start ealier.

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