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Attaching stuff directly to front forks

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Attaching stuff directly to front forks

Hello. Travelling on budget hence the question.

I'm thinking of skipping the front panniers and just stuffing my sleeping bag and pad into waterproof bags and attaching them directly to the front fork racks.

How would you rate the idea? Bonkers / super silly / rather silly / could work / etc?

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What do you mean? Something

What do you mean?

Something like that?

Tent, sleeping bag and matress on top of my front rack.

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Was thinking more like using

Was thinking more like using low front racks like these
because I have suspention forks and then just replacing the panniers with my stuff in dry bags.

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re:Attaching stuff directly to front forks

If I read your posts correctly you have a suspension fork on your bicycle.
You can add some sort of rack to your suspension fork. If it's not designed specifically for suspension forks you will negate the purpose of suspension forks. (That's why some of us don't use suspension forks....)

In general you want something to hold your gear away from the front wheel. That's what a front rack is for. "Low rider", "high rider", whatever.

The design of bag you use to put your gear into and attach to whatever front rack you use is completely your choice.

happy riding,

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Front Wheel Lock-up Resulted in Tetra-Plegia!

A member of the North-End (Birkenhead) C.C. broke his neck and was paralized in all 4 limbs when his front wheel locked up. Actual cause was running over a tin-can which wrapped around the tyre and got carried into the fork-crown. Do not put everything you have worked for at risk! I believe the French cycle tourists use front panniers in preference to rear, because the front wheel is lightly loaded and stronger without the gears' dish, so there should be properly tested systems around with product liability insurance if the worst happens. Take photoes to show you are using them as per the manufacturer's instructions. If you must bodge something, do it over the rear wheel. Best of luck, come and stay with me if you are in Chester.